Presentations Slides

Client: Personal, Various

These are some examples of slides I've made for a corporate template, some Toastmasters presentations, and some lessons for the congregation I attend. These slides reepresent work done in Affinity Designer, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote.

corporate PowerPoint title slide

corporate PowerPoint template instructions

corporate PowerPoint slide with two rows of icons

corporate PowerPoint slide with pie chart and data representation

title slide saying it's the wrong slide

mock title slide with too much info

slide with a cord saying know your gear

slide illustrating different video connectors

title slide with music staff

slide illustrating eigth, quarter, and half notes

slide with the opening measures of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

slide with various musical tempo markings

slide declaring that Batman the Animated Series is awesome

slide with a profile of Batman

Batman declaring he is the night. He is Batman.

slide illustrating Dark Deco style

title slide for a presentation about Christians and mental health

slide summarizing Philippians 2, 1 through 8

slide with research summary about Christians and depression

slide summarizing how to encourage a fellow Christian facing mental health challenges

title slide for a presentation about confession

slide illustrating the church as a body

slide with scripture from 1 corinthians 12, 26

wooden dolls sitting in front of the word listen