Call Skills Trainings

Client: Serco Group PLC, an HHS Contractor

The trainings I develop for Serco train the Marketplace eligibility service workers they support in call handling and soft skills. These are some samples from training products for which I was the design lead, and I developed the based Captivate template used for all of the products we deliver to Serco. Additionally, these are some of the most functionally intense modules I've created, with some slide interactions controlled by as many as 30 advanced actions and variables.

in instructional slide with 4-part infographic

a slide showing two characters speaking as well as a ultiple choice character

a slide comparing a written answer with the ideal answer

a summary slide with external links and an illustration of a computer screen

a slide showing a customer service representative at her desk

a slide showing how to rephrase a negative statement to sound more positive

a slide illustrating where a call is in its call flow

a slide describing how to be empathetic with callers

a slide illustrating the different ways consumers may interact with healthcare information

a multi-select activitiy to choose consumer language that requires an empathetic response

a feedback slide for that interaction showing the correct answers